Group Presentation

60-90 Minutes

A speech given to a group of any size covering a chosen topic. Topics range from managing mental health to building community across campus. Topics can be specialized to group’s needs. Group presentations can reach a larger group and set a strong foundation for the expectations desired or helping to teach a skill set for a larger group. This can be followed up with team or one on one meetings.

Possible Topics

  • Managing mental health issues
  • Cross Campus Community development
  • Tools to be a true leader
  • Team before self- knowing your role and putting team first
  • Learning the art of communication and conflict resolution
  • How to get motivated
  • Managing pressure, expectations and your time
  • Developing genuine confidence
  • Life after sport, finding your true identity
  • Being mindful, controlling the controllable and playing in the moment

Coach’s Huddle

30-90 Minutes

Coach’s Huddles can be used as a prep time to meet with the team. This Huddle will most likely only need to be 30 minutes. Coach’s Huddles can also be used for training of coaches in a specific skill or be a consulting time for current issues within the team. It important to get the coaches perspective and gain insight to their expectations and philosophy’s before meeting with their team or helping to further help a coach’s skill or consult in ways to improve staff or team dynamics.

Individual Team Huddle

60-90 minutes

Team Huddle time can be used to help develop a team skill, help with a team issue or crisis, or help redirect team culture. Team huddles will be a controlled and focused period of time to help take in input from athletes as well as educating and directing them to a key purpose. This time can be crucial to set the tone for the season or manage a time of the season that has been less successful in the past. This is an integrated time not a speech on a specific topic.

Follow Up Check-Ins

3x 30 Minutes

Coaching staffs would be allotted 3 follow up 30-minute conversation via conference call or skype during the beginning, middle and following the season. These conversations are used to consult and support the coaching staff through the different phases of a competitive season. This acts as a check in and check up to help streamline new skills or redirect the team or staff if necessary.

Mental Health First Aid

90 Minutes

This training is meant for trainers, coaches or support staff. The 90-minute session is designed to educate staff on how to identify and help support the most common mental health issues student athletes face. Athletes spend the majority of their time with athletic staff, so it is extremely valuable for staff to be able to identify issues and direct their student athletes to the best resources.
Handbook included.

Counseling Staff Consulting

60 Minutes

Working with student athletes follows specific counseling needs. This consulting slot would help support department or campus counseling staffs prepare to support student athletes in the best possible way. School counselors will be taught to speak the language of the athlete and help support dealing with personal issues in order to help free them to play at a higher level.
Handbook included.

Mental Health Training for Injured Athletes

60 Minutes

Facing injury brings on significant mental challenges. This 60-minute training will help trainers and coaches learn to help support injured athletes, help prevent depression, help student athletes manage chronic pain in order to allow them to continue playing and helping them through retirement. Training will help student athletes identify self-value outside of competition.
Training handbook included.

Crisis Intervention


Teams from time to time will have to manage some degree of crisis. These crises may include serious illness or death of a player or coach, suspension of players or unexpected personnel transitions. Often crisis leads to team grief, chaos and destruction of team culture. I can come in and help with processing crisis, working on reconnecting players and staff and creating the new normal for a team’s culture and program members. This will include meetings with staff, players and team. The desired outcome is to get all members on a path to healing and peak performance.

SAAC (Student Athlete Advisory Committee) Consulting

60-90 Minutes

SAAC is the most influential group in the world of college athletics. This session covers topics in leadership and community development to help support SAAC groups better serve their student athletes and campus communities. This session will also help guide SAAC members in motivating their fellow student athletes and helping propose new legislature at the conference and national level.
Topics can be specialized.


Client Image

Carrie’s interactions with kids are positive and productive. She is always supportive, caring, patient and kind. Carrie is 100% committed to helping kids succeed, no matter the challenges they face.

  • Julie Pagel
  • Retired Athletic Director and Coach-Fort Vancouver HS
Client Image

I first met Carrie when I was a college student athlete. She was able to help guide me through multiple stages of my life, from transitioning out of college athletics to motherhood. It is because of the influence of Carrie’s mentorship that I am the person I am today. There is no doubt that no matter how long you interact with Carrie and no matter the setting, your life will be changed.

  • Sara Molyneaux
  • 1st Team NAIA All American- Women’s Golf
Client Image

I have had the opportunity of working alongside Carrie Farrell to support College athletes in their journey to graduate. In the life state of young and emerging adults, many struggle through the mass of decisions and adjustments required to be stable, congruent and successful and successful people. Athletes have a unique set of facets that need to be understood with experience and expertise. Carrie has a gift for connecting with athletes, getting to the root of their struggle and potential and motivating healing and changes. She accomplishes this through relatable counseling methods and tangible leadership development programs. Carrie is a force!

  • Megan Boslaugh
  • Vice President of Student Services, Concordia University Portland
Client Image

Carrie Kosderka-Farrell, is one of the few that I unequivocally trust to send the young adults I worth with to get help in navigating the emotional stresses and difficulties that come with Division 1 college athletics. Carrie is extremely knowledgeable with a wide range of tools and strategies to approach whatever her clients are struggling with. She is relatable and approachable in a way that makes her relevant when working with individuals as well as whole teams. I really appreciate her focus on developing leadership in young people. She as a touch for not only helping her clients to find healing but further empowering them to then go out and then impact those around them in a positive way.

  • Tony Overslake
  • University of Oregon Chaplain and FCA Campus Director