On campus athlete & coaches training


1 Day (9 hours) of training of teams, coaches or staff or any combination. This can include one speech to all athletes covering general mental health topics and skills. Training options listed below.

  • 90-minute coach training session covering identify, supporting and referring mental health issues in their student athletes. A handbook is included.
  • 90-minute athletic trainer training covering things to look for, ways to communicate and best referrals for student athletes. A handbook is included.

  • 60-minute training session for coaches covering developing a coaching style and team culture that best supports the modern athlete.

  • 90 minute all athletes meeting covering anxiety, depression, suicide, and basic coping skills.

  • 60-minute individual team meetings- Coach chosen topic. Follow up evaluation for coach.

  • 60-minute campus counselor training- Covering how to best communicate with student athlete, the keys to their experience and motivations. Handbooks included

cost: $2500* per day

$3000 a day if travel is required & cost of plane ticket.

As athletic departments are seeking ways to provide mental health and well-being services specific to student-athletes, professionals in the field like Carrie Kosderka-Farrell and her team at Training the Complete Athlete, are well equipped with the education and experience to assist any athletic department in setting up a meaningful program that can be tailored to fit the needs of any size of school or budget. As a former college athlete and coach Carrie understands the pressures facing today’s collegiate student-athletes.

ROB CASHELL, Commissioner, Cascade Collegiate Conference

Coach Kos’s created a space with her presentation that allowed the student-athletes to feel comfortable asking questions about mental health. Having a safe space for the student-athletes allowed for productive dialogue on a difficult subject. The biggest takeaways from the group were the information they received on what to look for in their teammates and how to incorporate joy into their daily life

BRIDGET JONHSON TETTEH, Assistant Commissioner, Great Great Northwest Athletic Conference

online community

Training complete athlete offers an online community that allows student athletes to interact with each other and a mental health consultant.

  • This community includes 24 hours a day access to our resource library, including master classes by Coach Kos covering a wide range of Mental Health Topics. Each class module has a worksheet with it that gives the student athlete a tangible skill they can apply on and off the field.

  • The community also gives the opportunity for student athletes to talk with each other about their struggles. There will be a counselor that will be live at least once a week and will observe the chat to answer any questions and monitor the site.

  • This community gives support to a student athlete no matter what hour or where they are. So often mental health issues happen in the night or on the road. This is a solution for these exact issues.

  • This only community is a yearly subscription. Athletic departments can buy this subscription for their student athletes as a whole, or individual student athletes can subscribe on their own.

annual cost: $15,000

For athletic departments with over 275 athletes the cost is > $55 per athlete.

Thank you for speaking to us today. Not only do I have information to bring back to athletes and my team, but it also helped me personally, So thankyou for your wise knowledge about mental health and sports. I’m already having a meeting with my coach tomorrow to talk over some of the things I learned.
BIGAIL BROUSSARD , Northwest University, Volleyball

Just wanted to thank you for our team conversation we had a couple weeks ago. I appreciated the subjects we discussed. As you know, every team has members who are fighting through a lot and I am thankful that you are will to lead those conversations.

CAMILLE MAASA, College of Idaho, Football

Carrie has helped me navigate life on the road as a professional athlete both with personal and sports related issues tremendously. She makes me feel comfortable to talk with her about any topic and she is extremely knowledgeable about how to navigate the difficulties that come with being a professional athlete.


Small Group Mental Health Consultations

  • Training the Complete Athlete offers small groups “Huddles” that allow student athletes to come together to gain education and be able to process issues with other athletes and a mental health consultant.

  • Small Groups “Huddles” offer the blend of group consulting and psycho education. A student can choose a group by the topic, such as ADHD, they get 17 minutes of psycho education and the remaining 43 minutes of the hour are a group consulting session with 7 other student athletes and a counselor.

  • The Huddles are offered throughout the week in order to work around class, practice and games. This is a great option if your department doesn’t have the needed counselor to support a whole department or if the counseling department does not have a background in athletics.

  • This allows student athletes that are not wanting to come forward to their parents or to staff to get what they need at a price of the average copay.

Each session is $30 per sa

*Athletic departments can purchase session for a student athlete, or a student athlete can purchase them on their own.


The average cost of a college campus counselor $72,000 plus benefits. The average number of clients a counselor sees per week 25-30, and those hours are limited to workdays months that school is in session.

with training the complete athlete

The cost for 3 days of training, the online community for the athletic department and 100 group hours comes out to. These three services would cover training for athletes and staff, offer support to student athletes 24/7 through the calendar year.

Training the Complete athlete

Athlete community